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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the capacity for each tank?
It is common knowledge now that drinking a lot of water every day is good for your health, so we agree and we did something about it. Whether you want cold or hot water, we have a cooler for you. The capacity of each tank depends a lot on the model you have. Furthermore, the hot water tank usually has a different capacity compared to the cold water tank. Let's look at the numbers for each model:
Cold water
Hot water
PacifiK, NordiK, Contact
2.4 liters
(0.634 gal* )
1.4 liter
(0.37 gal)
Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Cima, S2
1.5 liters
(0.396 gal)
1.6 liter
(0.423 gal)

What is the power consumption on the water cooler, measured at steady conditions?

When we engineered our water coolers, we had the interest of our customers in mind, thus we made sure that we would try to keep the consumption numbers as low as possible. Our engineers did a great job and we are proud of this. Since April 2007 all coolers with Room temp.and Cold  (also called "cook/cold)  or Cold water only  comply to the Energy Star rating. Here are the numbers for each model, whether it has the cook/cold or hot/cold combination:
Cold water
Hot water
Fahrenheit(F), Kelvin(K), Celsius(C), Cima(B), S2(S), Sol'Eau(H)
110V / 220V
0.152 kwh
(0.54 MJ)
1.3 kwh
(4.6 MJ)
Pacifik(P), BaltiK(B), NordiK(N),
(with stainless steel tank)
110V / 220V
0.145 kwh
(0.52 MJ)
1.4 kwh
(5.0 MJ)
What is the water flow out of the faucet?
Who likes to stand around a water cooler so that water can trickle out of the faucet? No one! Most customers don't want to wait 20 minutes to fill-up a glass of water, so we made sure our water coolers would designed to allow quick filling. Not only did we succeed, but our great technical staff also designed our own faucets for certain models and they offer tremendous flow, unmatched by any competitor. Here are these fabulous numbers:
Degree, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Celsius, Cima, S2
2.23 liters/min
(0.59 gal/min)
Pacifik, BaltiK, NordiK
3.22 liters/min
(0.85 gal/min)
What is the rated power?
Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on electric bills, so we made sure our water coolers would be energy efficient. How did we do it? By making sure our engineers designed the water cooler with this in mind and by selecting the right suppliers. Here the basic numbers:
Heating power:

400 Watts (400 J/sec)

Cooling power:

89.5 Watts (90 J/sec)

  What is the heating capacity?
You prefer hot water so that you can make yourself a hot tea? Many people like you want to be able to have hot water from their water cooler so we made sure that their expectations would be met. We gave the challenge to our engineers and they came-up with fantastic results:

5.3 liters/hour (1.4 gal/hour)

  What is the set-up for the hot water thermostat?

Because safety is an important issue for us at Thermo Concepts, we made sure that our hot water system would be designed to minimize the risk of accidents. When the temperature measured on the outside surface of the reservoir reaches 182° F (83.3° C), the thermostat opens, thus cutting-off the current to the heater element. This means that the hot water temperature may reach 200° F (93.3° C). The heating element is re-activated when the temperature reaches 172° F (77.8° C), again measured on the outside of the reservoir.

We only use components from reputable suppliers, so we don't expect the thermostats to fail. However, should the thermostat not function correctly, we have taken precautionary measures, thus the maximum temperature on the outside surface of the reservoir is 208° F (97.8° C). When this happens, it is possible to do a reset and start over the heating process. If the thermostat is sill not working correctly, it should be replaced with a new one.


open at 182 ° F (83.3° C)
Close at 172° F (77.8° C)

Manual reset:
open at 208° F (97.8° C)
* gal = US gallon