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Point of Use Water Coolers

Thermo Concepts Point-Of-Use (POU) Water Coolers constitute a great business solution for drinking water manufacturers and a green alternative for environment-friendly end users. Providing the same trademark quality built into our Bottled Water Coolers, POU Water Coolers eliminate the hassle and waste resulting from having to store, replace and discard sizeable plastic bottles. Switching your existing Thermo Concepts Bottled Water Cooler to an In-Line POU Water Cooler is easy with our Conversion Kits. Experience how effortless it is to connect your unit to existing water lines and complement it with our selection of safe and renowned Filtration Systems.

Ready-to-Use POU Water Coolers

We also market factory assembled Ready-to-Use POU Water Cooler versions of our most popular water coolers. They include the mechanical float and a lid.